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this is an image of leandria's profile, with flowers drawn on their face. the background is a field of flowers on its side.

Leandria ( she/they) is a Brooklyn based

multi-faceted artist, teacher and violinist.  

Hi friends, my name is Leandria and I focus on a holistic and dynamic approach to teaching the violin. I have over a decade of teaching experience and even longer as a student and in this time I've learned to  center compassion and curiosity in my teaching and personal violin study. Learning is vulnerable, but we will map out goals that are specific to you. Lets get started.

What Students Say:

"Leandria is amazing and patient, she challenges me but also allows me to express what does and does not work without any judgement. Learning the violin as an adult is difficult and she has the patience of a saint. I really appreciate her." -M. Hardy, NY

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